CO: will be a shared space with three zones:

  1. Co: Working is the shared working/socializing/collaborating and community space with an open area, a quiet room, soundproof booths for meetings/calls, a full kitchen, conference room, and rentable private offices. This zone will have a soundproofing barrier between it and the childcare space so that we can work/mingle/conspire without distraction.
  2. CO: Create is our community creating space with areas for any kind of crafting, sewing, needlework, paper crafts etc. plus fine arts areas for drawing, painting, clay work, glasswork etc. and a maker area with woodworking, laser cutting, 3d printing, soldering etc.
  3. CO: Play is our childcare area. It will be split into 3 areas: an infant area, a play-space for 2-12yo kids, and a teen hangout room that can double as classroom space during the school year for virtual, independent, or cooperative homeschooling. The kids space will have video and audio feeds so parents can check on kids whenever they want.

How would shared childcare work?

There are 2 ways we can work this out and I imagine it will end up being a combination of the two: 1) Parents volunteer x number of chilcare hours in exchange for some larger number of care for their child. Parents may opt to pay for someone to cover their hours. Parents must stay on site and be available for diapers or any issues their child has. 2) Pay for staff to watch kids while parents remain on site and available etc. We will want to keep good care ratios by age and all members of CO: will need to pass a background check since we will have our kids on site.